The third day.

April 5, 2015 § 5 Comments

There’s a t-shirt out there that reads: “The third day changes everything.”  Waking up this morning the image of that shirt came swimming into view, along with a verse from Mark.

In the verse, Jesus is speaking to His disciples, His friends.  He’s letting them know what’s about to happen to Him before it happens, so that when it does they’ll know He is truly the Son of God.  He speaks in the third person, and says:

“‘They (the people of Israel) will condemn him (Jesus) to death and will hand him over to the Gentiles, who will mock him and spit on him, flog him and kill him. Three days later he will rise.’” // Mark 10:33-34

Three days later He will rise.  The third day changes everything.

I saw picture of a beautiful pot.  It was cracked and broken, but put back together.  The cracks in the vessel were filled with gold, holding the pot together.  So I googled, because, a pot with gold-filled cracks.  This mending with gold is called “kintsugi” or “kintsukuroiI” and it’s a Japanese art form in which the artist repairs ceramic faults with a resin containing gold powder.  The idea is that the pot is more beautiful after it’s been broken and repaired.

That’s us, right?  Broken.  The whole world spiraling in a seemingly hopeless, chaotic mess.  Fragments that can’t possibly be mended or fixed or put back together in any type of orderly fashion.  But the third day changes that.  Beautiful mercy comes.  Broken things don’t have to remain broken anymore.  The pieces get put back together with power and healing.  There’s promise.  Hope.  Life.

The Son of God, perfect and holy, dies and is broken for us.

And on the third day, He rises.

He lives.  And that’s the beginning.  Our broken lives can be filled with hope, with healing if we’ll take it.  And while we live on this earth, messing up, trying to put ourselves back together, mend our own cracks, and build our own paradise, He gives us grace.  Relentless grace to live and walk with Him; broken pots with our cracks filled with Him.  His perfect love washes away our mess.  Mends our brokenness.  Gives us a new beginning.

The third day changes everything.  

succulent in terra cotta

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